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               Atwell Contracting & Excavation Services


Atwell Contracting is an excavation company which has been in business since 2003. Atwell works predominantly in the forestry industry, but also holds a broad range of experience and skill sets, including: 

  • Land Clearing and Site Development

  • Building Demolitions and Clean-Up

  • Road Building and Deactivation

  • Culvert and Pipe Installations


Atwell has also worked on many environmentally sensitive projects and has

experience with the following:

  • Creek Rehabilitation / River Channel Redevelopment

  • Aquatic Habitat Restoration

  • Soil Remediation / Contamination Clean-Up

  • Oceanfront Building Demolitions


We have the ability to combine multiple facets of the construction, demolition and remediation industries, which includes site development, excavations and civil works. We can also re-create various habitats, divert and reconstruct waterways and turn land back to nature.

Atwell prides itself on holding a very high standard of work ethics, no matter what the project is. 


Atwell Contracting has participated in some of the following projects:


Squamish Nation Oceanfront Land Remediation and Reclamation

Demolition and site clean-up of homes located on the Gibsons waterfront. 

Squamish River Watershed Society - Creek Rehabilitation - Aquatic Habitat Restoration

Construction of new creek channels created for salmon habitat.

Quantum Murray - Hydrocarbon Clean-Up

Contaminated soil excavation and clean-up.

Ashlu Creek Power Project

Managed logging operations and civil construction.

Skookum Creek Power Project

Transmission line construction and penstock installation (placing of pipe, backfill, etc).

Box Canyon Power Project

Transmission line construction and penstock installation (placing of pipe, backfill, etc)

Chances Casino

Site clearing and preparation. 

Atwell Contracting

PO Box 580, 6580 Squamish Valley Road

Brackendale BC VON 1HO

Office: 604‑898‑2043 

Mobile: 604‑815‑8529


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