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                                                                    is made up of four Squamish companies, represented by the following local residents:


    Allan Barr                                                Tom Harry                                 Dan Lewis                                            Don Schnurr                                               

Harmony Group Projects Inc. was created to encompass a variety of services—including excavations and more—needed to bid on and complete a wide range of development projects in Squamish and throughout the Sea-to-Sky corridor.


The joint venture allows each individual to bring to the group their own unique and special attributes.


The skills and experience of the group enable us to complete the project from beginning to end, starting with clearing the land and finishing with streetlights and paving.


Harmony Group Projects Inc. provides developers and project managers with all the requirements needed to complete the project in a timely and efficient manner, with the results they expect.


Our Business Philosophy

We at Harmony Group Projects Inc. believe that some things in life are commodities for a reason: they are straightforward and in abundant supply. We don’t view our customers or our employees as a commodity, but instead see them as the life’s blood of our business and as something uniquely worthy of appropriate consideration.


The objectives of Harmony Group Projects Inc. are:

  • Inclusion of First Nation participation

  • Maintaining a high moral standard of business and quality of workmanship in our community

  • Guidance, knowledge and skill transfer

  • Offering innovative ideas to lower costs and enhance projects

  • Partnering with Squamish Nations companies and support of local communities and businesses

  • Making donations to community events, including Pow Wows and Canoe Clubs

  • Providing budget estimates and strategies to local administrative staff

  • Meeting or exceeding project timelines and providing cost-effective workmanship

  • Providing training and guidance in job costing and the bidding process


Our objective is to continue the development of strategies that provide economic opportunities, as well as skill development, guidance, training and mentoring of Harmony Group Projects Inc., Squamish Nations and their capital partners in our community. For more information or to book a service appointment, please contact our office.


Call or email us today for more information on any of our heavy equipment services.

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