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                   West-Barr Contracting Ltd. 

West-Barr Contracting and the Barr family have been successful, innovative entrepreneurs in the forest industry in the Squamish/Pemberton area for over 60 years. We've experienced many market cycles, changes in government and the re-invention of the Forest Act. West-Barr has been primarily in the log handling business with close to 30 years’ experience. That being said, we realize that diversification is the key for continued success.


In this respect, we have expanded into the following areas over the past number of years:

  • Land clearing, including the removal of danger trees in close proximity to homes and

        the construction of a golf course, which entailed road and bridge building, and the

        construction of lakes and fairways.

  • Road deactivation for private companies and Ministry of Forests, including special

        sites that involved difficult benching, multiple throws and some risk to the operator.

  • Waterfront industrial property development which entails working with the tides for

        rock wall construction, dredging and infilling in an environmentally sensitive area,

        close to our community.

  • Site servicing & preparation for residential lots and necessary materials handling    

        including trucking when required.

  • Log purchases and road construction.


There have been many changes in the environmental standards in respect to road building, land development, and stream protection. West-Barr has kept up with these changes and has received recommendations on the quality of our work from our employers. Our employees are skilled operators and diligent in their responsibilities. Allan Barr is the president and owner of West-Barr Contracting Ltd. He was born in Squamish in 1960 and has lived there most of his life. He graduated from Howe Sound Secondary School and after graduation he went to B.C.I.T. and completed a heavy-duty mechanic course, as well as welding courses, etc.


West-Barr has a variety of equipment that is well maintained and is enthused at the opportunity to work with the Squamish Nation and the Harmony Group on future endeavours.


Allan Barr, President

Office: 604‑892‑9390

P.O. Box 2026

Squamish, B.C. V8B OB4

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